The fjords Rødvenfjorden, Langfjorden and Romsdalsfjorden offer very good conditions for fishing and angling. It is also possible to go fishing in the mountain lakes.
Possibility to rent 15-foot boat with 15 hp engine. Safety jackets are included.
If you bring your own boat there will be a place for it in the boat harbour.
We can offer a small, retracted bathing beach where you find the best temperatures in Romsdalsfjorden.
Berry and mushroom picking :
You can find lots of blueberry, red whortleberry and mushrooms in the erea.
Hiking, cycling tours and mountain walks:
DHiking around in Rauma is nothing short of spectacular. Weather you're just looking to take a stroll or bicycle ride along one of the small roads or pathways, or your ambitions lead you to one of the many trails in the highlands, there is no better place to experience the natural scenery of Romsdalen. From the peaks you will have a striking view to the Romsdal Alps, the fjords, and, during clear weather, to the north sea.
Sights in Rauma county:
Amongst the sights in Rauma we can mention: Trollveggen, Trollstigen, Slettafossen (Sletta falls), Kylling bridge, Rødven stave church, the Tinde museum (peak museum), the Ner-Hole Museum, the Clothes manufacture museum and the War memorial museum.
This summers events:




Suggestions for daytrips with car:
Bud and the Atlantic sea road:
Start out with a trip to the fishing village Bud, where you will find Ergan, a fortress from the 2. world war. From Bud it can be recommended to continue along the Atlantic sea road (8 bridges leading through a landscape of rocks and small islands by the sea). Here you can visit Håholmen, a historical trading and fishing village, and Strømsholmen, where a diving center is situated  . Eide county is the location of Trollkyrkja (the Troll church), - a tripartite limestone grotto at a length of 70m, width; 3m, and hight; 2-7m.
The total lenght of this sightseeing with car would be about 190km.
Eikesdalen og Mardalsfossen (the Mardal falls):
The lake ”Eikesdalsvatnet” has a length of 20 km, and is surrounded by steep mountainsides. At the head of the valley ”Eikesdalen” the waterfall “Mardalsfossen” has a free fall from a height of 655m (of which 297 m. perpendicular), which is the highest in Europe.
The overall length of this trip would be about 150 km.
Driving distance from the camping site to Molde city is 34 km. One of the major sights in Molde is the Romsdals museum, which is among the larger provincial museums in in Norway. Here you can walk around in an autenthic old environment consisting of country courtyards, town streets, chapels, etc. From Varden, an outlook 400m above the city, you can enjoy the impressive scenery of Molde, the fjord and of 222 peaks. At Molde stadium the city’s football team plays their home matches in the Norwegian champions league. The local golf club can offer a golf link with 9 holes. The famous Molde international jazz festival is being arranged every summer in june.  .
The Golden Route: Trollstigen – Valldal – Geiranger:
The ascent to Trollstigen, Trollstigvegen, was built in 1936. Zigzagwise this road is leading up the steep mountainside through 11 turns. While descending to Valldalen one will be passing through Gudbrandsjuvet, a 5m wide canyon, surrounded on both sides by 20- 25m tall vertical rock walls. After arriving in Valldal it is possible to go rafting.  . From Eidsdal you can make a sidetrip of 15 km to Herdalssetra (The Norwegian museum of mountain farming). As you continue towards Geiranger you will drive the Ørneveien, a winding road at a lenght of 8,5km that includes 11 turns. The Geiranger fjord gives a spectacular display of waterfalls and steep mountainsides. Along the fjord many deserted farms can be seen.
Length about 190km return. (sidetrips and detours not included).
As one of the few authentic Jugendstil (art noveau) cities in the world Ålesund is well known for its architecture. Not only the architecture is special in Ålesund, so is the harbour environment. The city also has its own mountain “byfjellet”. In addition to several museums it is recommended to visit the aquarium, Atlanterhavsparken (park of the Atlantic sea).  . At the city stadium Ålesund football team plays its home matches in the Norwegian champions league.
270 km return.

Organized sports and outdoor activities in Rauma county and surroundigns:

Mountain trip:
Åndalsnes og omegn turlag
Molde og Romsdal turistforening  
Tinder og banditter

Åndalnes golfklubb
Molde golfklubb

Romsdalstindene Paraglidingklubb:

Valldal naturopplevingar

Strømsholmen dykkersenter

Isfjorden Gocart:

Horse riding:
Stall Kjersem:

Fishing trips:
Fishing trips on the Romsdalsfjord:

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